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Fusionen und Übernahmen (M&A)

The core work of Külinda is to find, focus and practice mergers &acquisitions businesses in Asia, to build joint-venture companies, sell companies, business commerce, ect. . Since 1986, we provide international mergers &acquisitions transaction for Asian clients, including the whole transaction process, like contact, assess, negotiate and investigate structure design. Staff from Külinda have experienced knowledge and they are good at settling culture clashes in the mergers &acquisitions business.
  • Cultural sensitivities to the role of M&A in strategic development
    Managing an M&A process in more than one language and across distant time zones
  • Divergent approaches to valuation
  • Managing due diligence in environments of sub-optimal transparency.
  • “Coaching” counterparties who have limited M&A experience
Ensuring that dedicated, senior “on the ground” resources are available at all times to our client
The strategic and financial value that can be unlocked through business combinations that bridge Asia and the West is often compelling. But any proposed transaction requires an experienced, independent advisory team which understands these divergent markets and the challenges faced in achieving a successful outcome.
Külinda is independent and is able to advise clients free from other commercial pressures and conflicts potentially faced by multi-product investment banks.

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