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Our Businesses

Külinda devises and executes innovative and customized solutions to complex assignments, such as acquisitions, divestures, mergers, joint ventures and other strategies, besides, we take part in different refrigeration systems’ design and development.
We base on our professional platform, worldwide business net and trust from clients by over years objective and helpful suggestions to the board of directors, Külinda is expanding speedily all these years.

Our businesses are the following four types:

Mergers &acquisitions: Mergers &acquisitions departement. Külinda customizes innovative structures and solutions in complicated international business transactions.
Restructuring and distressed: Külinda's corporate finance team is selectively originating, structuring and executing capital markets transactions through a broad web of global strategic partners.
Capital raising: Külinda's corporate finance team responds to client's optimal capital needs efficiently.
Refrigeration technology: Külinda's refrigeration department has been dedicating to refrigeration improvement, particularly in ice making and dynamic ice storage field.

Our Business

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions
  2. Corporate Restructuring
  3. Capital Raising
  4. Refrigeration
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