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Refrigeration Technology

Külinda is well-experienced in refrigeration sector for 80 years and keeps developing world’s leading refrigeration system. We are reliable and experienced in the following refrigeration systems:
Ice making machine
By heritage of Professor Jüergen Hans’s innovation and forward-looking spirit, Külinda is the leader in refrigeration industry. In the past 80 years, we develop and produce tube ice machine, flake ice machine, block ice machine, cube ice machine. We are professional in providing the optimal layout design and meanwhile we customize to clients for best ice machine machines.
Water chilling system
We adopt different solutions according to different water temperature. Our water chillers are applied in different temperatures worldwide. In harsh weather, we use preliminary evaporative cooling with the optimal evaporative temperature, which effectively improve refrigeration and save energy, cooling from 55℃ down to 0.5℃.
Concrete cooling system
We figure out the best layout by analyzing different environment, blender material proportion, blending temperature, etc. If it is better to use cooling water machine, ice making machine or joint use of cooling water machine and ice making machine, Külinda can provide professional theory and experience.
Dynamic ice storage system
Dramatically reduce energy costs with Külinda, the most advanced cool storage system ever designed. Külinda static glycol tanks produce and store ice at night, when energy costs are lowest, and discharge cooling during the high on-peak rate period.

By shifting this portion of the air conditioning electric load to off-peak hours, Külinda reduces demand charges and lowers peak power usage.

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